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About Us

About The Owner

Having a passion for the automotive industry, Eugene spent his teen years as a general mechanic. As an auto enthusiast, Eugene took an automotive course in Santa Fe Springs, CA.  He graduated as an automotive design engineer with the desire to continue working in this industry. He then became an instructor at UTI in Long Beach, CA and with this knowledge that he persevered, he was hired by a company in Orange County that started fabricating billet grilles. Within 10 years, Eugene obtained the capability to manage and grow this company to the extent of almost 100 employees. The growth experience that Eugene established among himself made him take a step further to follow his dream….Ablaze Grilles Inc. Est. 2009


About Ablaze Grilles Inc.

It was not until 2009 that Ablaze Grilles Inc. opened its doors as a family owned and operated business in Southern California. Ablaze originally started making privately branded grilles, but then decided to make their own line of grilles with a sincere desire to offer the highest quality product available in the market. All Ablaze products are manufactured in-house and all of our materials come from local suppliers, this gives us full control of the finished product. Ablaze Grilles Inc. produces products of experience, imagination, innovation, and is one of the only grille companies still making grilles The Right Way.

DESIGN: All Ablaze products are manufactured from our own designs and ideas; all custom made and assembled carefully by hand, with quality control second to none. We are not here to copy the competition; we simply offer quality products and a variety of different grille lines, such as Brute, Brute Machined, A-Series, A-Machined, Black Market Billet, High Density Billet, High Density Angled, Diamond Cut, Special Edition Off-Road, and Ultimate Edition. All our designs are original and innovative; they display creativity and imagination in its design.

WARRANTY: We know you do not want to install an item that is inferior in any way to OEM standards; therefore we back our products with an amazing comprehensive 2 year warranty on finish and 5 year structural warranty.

QC: Our Quality Control team is trained to find all imperfections up to the most minor and minimal flaws on our finished products. If we see it, you see it. If we see it, it’s not yours. Simple as that! We strive to conserve quality on our finished products! Therefore, Ablaze Grilles has now opened doors to a full service powder coating shop in Norco, CA....Ablaze Powder Coating.                                               

All powders that we use are by local and recognized suppliers. We trust and count on the best suppliers, such as, Tiger Drylac, Cardinal, Axalta, etc. So don’t worry about your grille discoloring/fading, rusting, peeling, flaking, or any of the typical misdemeanors…WE HAVE YOU COVERED!! With this kind of support and quality control, you can rest assured you are buying one of the best brands in the industry! 

Our chromed grilles are Tripe-Chrome Plated (copper, nickel, polish chrome) to achieve maximum durability and that luxurious polished mirror, show car finish.